The Launch of Apogee Groups new site emphasising collaboration and shared values

Apogee describes only one thing; in the culture, business or performance of something, this is the highest or greatest point in its achievement. In our case, Apogee stands for bringing the very best experts and teams together, working on and delivering the very best projects. But more importantly, we believe in building the best culture within the whole group, providing equal opportunity to all our staff and associates, whilst generating shared value along the whole 'value chain' - from capital partners, to professional advisers and ultimately our customers. The launch date of Apogee Group is a poignant one for me personally as it is the 70th Birthday of my mother who sadly passed away this year. We shared a vision of the future where everyone helped each other and created an environment of collaboration and shared value. I have honoured my mother the best way i know how by continuing with that vision and building a company that abides by and is judged by those standards and we hope that you'll join us in helping to change the world to benefit everybody.

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