Apogee & Quorum

Steven Barrett of Apogee Group now joins forces with Londons most exclusive property developers club within the £1m - £15m GDV range... Quorum!. The ethos of the club aligns with all the core values of collaboration, shared value and collective action that Steven stands for.

The group has been founded by Matthew Siddell (former PPN Knightsbridge host) and has within it a collective group of active field experts, professionals, investors and developers all hungry for commercial developments and joint ventures. This is a group committed to less dialog and more action with a critical mass to get lots of deals over the line and delivered.

Steven's first meeting today was incredibly exciting and partnerships are already forming. Its a group that believes in integrity, prudence, humility, delivering on promises and ridding the property investment world of all the mis-truths and time wasters that currently circulate within it. More to come about this exciting new venture soon.

#ProfessionalTeam #Integrity #Passion #Ambition #Prudence #FastKaizen #Egalitarian #Supportive #Humility

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