5 simple tips to innovate in Business

1. Hone in on the problem

Innovation flourishes best when you look to solve a problem. We’ve always gone into business with the aim of creating a product or service that improves people's lives.

2. Surround yourself with passionate people

Those passionate enough to change the world are the ones that do. Surround yourself with people who are willing to stick their necks out, seek solutions, and be the change they want to create. Be curious, be willing, embrace risk and go for it.

3. Embrace diverse thought

It’s crucial that business leaders do not surround themselves with like-minded people, or ‘yes men’. Find people that will passionately disagree with you, and are not discouraged when things don’t go to plan or their way.

4. Listen to everyone’s ideas

Innovation is for everyone, and often the best ideas come from those that are working on frontline, who have the most experience with the products or services.

5. Simplify the idea

Often people are too focused on trying to solve a huge problem or issue, and innovation gets lost along the way. Being smart is about keeping it simple.

Innovation is a restless pursuit to always be better. I hope these tips inspire you to reach that little bit further, faster and higher.

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