Our Unique Value Proposition and heritage in construction and surveying enables us to unlock the hidden value in properties that others would usually miss. 

The 4 Pillars of Apogee


Apogee was born with one goal in mind:

To raise the standard of residential developments utilising end-to-end sustainable values woven through each project



Our Founder, Steven Barrett, started his career in construction, surveying and development nearly 20 years ago. Since the deep recession of 2008, we have been acquiring residential properties and releasing vast amounts of hidden value that others had overlooked. Apogee was founded upon a set of simple principles we call the 'The 4 Pillars of Apogee', which sit at the heart of the business aggregating decades of knowledge. Through these principles we align ourselves and collaborate with the very best industry experts in the UK property space who share our vision and focus on end-to-end sustainable development, creating shared value, predictable capital returns and lasting relationships with our partners. 


The Mission, Culture and Values of the Business


The operational movements to achieve the Vision


The collective actions taken to achieve the Strategy


As well as being professional, its important to have fun

Land criteria

South East & London Home Counties

All sites within 60min train of Central London

Maximum site purchase upto £8m

Land with & without planning or Prime PD

Pure residential and/or mixed-use schemes

Heavy refurb projects and New Builds